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Stromtroopers | Star Wars by larryhimself.

Recently started watching Star Wars (yup, I never seen any of them) and in honor of its epicness I decided to work on some Star Wars related posters. Reblog this image and add me on Instagram, @ larryhimself

Cosplay from Tampa Bay Comic con.

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Fashion • Luxury • Girls by UNKNOWN-EVIDENCE

✖Fashion x Girls✖ valentine-illest

The Joker by CraigDeakes

silver linings playbook (2012)
Tampa Comic Con is over for me but not without it’s stories. 

Being a huge Arrow fan, I of course was going to make sure I met Caity Lotz. I was a bit starstrucked  seeing her at the table while I was in line. When my turn came up we briefly talked and then she asked what was my name to write it on the photo and if there was anything specific id like to her to write. 

I “jokingly” told her my initial idea was to ask her to marry me and for her to write the answer on the photo. She laughed, I laughed; we had a moment.  She signed the photo and as I walked away I looked to see the photo and saw the words, “Larry, I do” and her signature.

N***a we made it! Got the chance to talk to one of my favorite artists again and get feedback on some of my newest work. As a teacher he knows the value of giving encouragement to an artist and I couldn’t appreciate the kind words any more. He’s an amazing artist and has a variety of work. Follow him on Instagram: @Officialnehs

I think I’m an under rated artist

In honor of Guardians Of The Galaxy being released and being one of the best @marvel movies to date, I present:

Star Lord | You know, The Legendary Outlaw by @larryhimself
Currently working on some dc art. Who should I make next? The correct answer is batman.